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Castr is a powerful and easy-to-use streaming platform and live video streaming solution for businesses, broadcasters, gamers, educational and religious organizations. Castr simplifies broadcasting across various social media channels simultaneously.


  • Easy-to-use live video streaming platform, powered CDNs like Fastly and Akamai.
  • Simple yet scalable and reliable video hosting solution with adaptive bitrate transcoding.
  • Broadcast live stream to multiple social media sites at the same time.
  • Embed and stream IP cameras to a website and social media platforms.


Castr has packages for organizations of any shape and size, with plans broken downing into Multistream and Live Streaming. Multistream plans start at $9.99 a month and are based on the number of concurrent streams as well as features.

Live Streaming plans start at $100 a month and are based on the number of monthly bandwidth usage, number of concurrent streams as well as platform features.


Groupo America, Dungeons & Dragons, The University of Arizona, University of Denver, New Foundland Labrador, Sony, Microsoft, PBS, CPAC, The University of Texas at Austin



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  • Technology & Software
  • Higher Education
  • Gaming
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  • Civil & Government

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