Best Video Software For Assisted Living Facilities


Capture and Create Video

You need a way to create video content whether its using your own camera equipment or a web-based app. Employees can also be empowered to capture and upload their own videos.

Centralize and Manage Video

Once you start creating video content you need a place to store it and keep it organized so it can be presented on your website or distributed to specific channels.

Enrich and Distribute Videos

Enrich video content with interactive video players and personalization. Give viewers the ability to click on the video and engage. Distribute your videos via email and social channels.

Capture and Create Video

Helpful solutions for capturing and creating video content.

Centralize and Manage Video

Helpful solutions for centralizing and managing video content.

Enrich and Distribute Video

Helpful solutions for enriching video content with interactivity and personalization and then distributing to any experience and channel.

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