Benefits of Using 2D Animation Videos For Marketing

Benefits of Using 2D Animation Videos For Marketing

In today’s business world, it is important to have an effective video marketing strategy for businesses to grow. When compared to other content types like text, infographics, and video, 2D animated videos stand out as an incredibly adaptable medium for business marketing.

Two-dimensional animation, or 2D animation, is a type of digital animation in which the images are created in only two dimensions. 

Using 2D animated videos, any business may rapidly and easily showcase its idea in the form of moving images. This blog will list out the benefits of using 2D animation videos for marketing businesses, regardless of their size. 

Benefits of 2D animation for marketing

For businesses, the introduction of 2D animation was a game-changer, especially now that social media is a part of most people’s everyday lives. When it comes to marketing, the introduction of video ads and 2D animations meant access to previously inaccessible channels, techniques, and even demographics.

In addition, it altered the methods used to promote goods and services. Today’s ads focus less on detailed technical details and more on providing value through compelling narratives.

Business owners can expand their customer base and boost sales with the use of 2D animation aimed at the general public. Here are the marketing benefits of 2D animation:

Keeps it simple and interesting

Animations generally get the attention of people. However, 2D animations are the best for marketing because they have the ability to make people understand even complex concepts. Conventional marketing strategies significantly moved to become story-oriented with 2D animation. 

Marketers were able to demonstrate the worth and benefits of their products in real life by employing storytelling through animation. 2D animation is simple and interesting and can stand out to attract audiences of any kind. Due to this reason, businesses are able to employ 2D animation videos to engage and convert potential customers at any level of the marketing funnel.

Fits into a cost-efficient budget

Be it an established business or a startup with a limited budget, both can make the most out of 2D animation videos. The ultimate marketing goal of any business is to get conversions and boost sales. This can be achieved in a cost-effective manner if well-made 2D animation videos are used. 

2D animated videos are budget-friendly, simple, and are an effective approach to communicating ideas, imagination, and business information in visuals and videos for effective marketing and profit earning. Moreover, they are easy to produce and do not take much time to be made. 2D animated video costs are lower than live-action videos or 3D animations as there is no expensive equipment, software, locations, performers, or lighting and sound involved. 

Easily fits in different marketing channels

2D animation services can be attributed to the execution of successful marketing efforts in different channels and campaigns. These campaigns can include digital marketing, ads on television, email campaigns, websites, social media, etc.   

Due to its versatile nature, 2D animation can be used on many platforms and can create a memorable and powerful impact on the viewers. On YouTube, 2D animations are used for explainer videos, which can also be repurposed for social media as well. The success of marketing lies in where you use it, depending on your target audience. 

Enhances brand identity

Videos that are animated in 2D are a great approach to demonstrate brand identity. The marketing strategy of using 2D animation is simple to put into action and can raise the brand image. 

Because of the nature of 2D animation, it’s simple to have a whole video adapt to your brand over time. If a company decides to update its branding rules annually, adjustments can be made quickly to the videos to keep the content branded consistently.

To achieve brand consistency and communication goals, 2D animated videos are more than simply eye candy; they are powerful tools in their own right. When used properly, they can yield a high return on investment.

Connects emotionally with the audience

Animations interest people regardless of their age, demographic, etc. As it brings nostalgic childhood memories, 2D animations are a great way to connect with the audience emotionally. 

As personalized marketing is growing, 2D animation is one of the best types of animation videos that any business can use to engage their audience. 

Dynamic 2D animated videos are more engaging to the intended audience and more effective in generating sales. Audiences’ natural, childlike curiosity is piqued, and they seek out additional information as a result. Customers will remember the brand, product, and services after seeing the animation, which will help bring in more business.

Wrapping up

If you can simplify your message into images, you can get it over to your audience more quickly. So, making interesting 2D animated videos is a great strategy for reaching your audience.

Animated videos are one of the most popular types of online material for a reason: they can be put to a wide variety of practical uses. There is no better time than now for businesses to leverage 2D animation for marketing. 

Chehak Wadhwa a creative lead at webdew and has worked across a variety of brands and lead the creative sessions for project kick-offs. She has managed multiple projects from concept through completion. She always guide her team players as a mentor and supervise the creative team of designers while introducing new, innovative and challenging methods of creative execution for all projects.

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