Cleeng News: Moving SVOD Content Overseas: Challenges vs Opportunities

As SVOD continues to develop, so does its business model and the role of those operating within the industry. Going abroad is a tempting opportunity for most premium video providers, but it’s crucial to be aware of the regional specifics and incoming challenges.  D2C: Expanding to new markets is pretty challenging Once upon a time, programmers created, organized and delivered content while distrib...[Read More]

Cleeng News: Softball League Bets on Online Passes for the Upcoming Season

As the wonderful world of OTT continues to thrive, more and more sports broadcasters are turning to online subscriptions and passes to cater to a new breed of consumers – and softball is no exception. Find out how a softball league went over-the-top and launched a geo-targeted streaming service. 150 live games available on NBFTV The NPF (National Pro Fastpitch), America’s one and only professional...[Read More]

How To Create Marketing Videos on a Budget of $100 or Less

How much does it cost to make a promo video? We found that there are several answers to that question so we put them in this post and infographic. The truth is, professional-quality video does not have a fixed price when you have to factor in video types, style choices, and, of course, the varied offerings of video production such as production houses, freelancers, and DIY animation platforms. Vid...[Read More]

Cleeng News: ATSC 3.0 and the Future of Online Broadcasting

The world of online broadcasting is ever changing, with shifts and developments in constant motion. In this post, we’ll tackle the implications of ATSC 3.0 to the broadcasting industry and how it redefines video consumption. Gap between TV and web narrowing One of the latest developments in the world of visual entertainment is the narrowing gap between TV and the web. In fact, according to recent ...[Read More]

Cleeng News: Social Login Adds More Credibility to Video eCommerce

Social login has become the preferred way to access online accounts. The reason for that is simple. It helps users feel safe about the information they share, especially when it comes to buying content online. In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of social login, backed with some interesting statistics and practical examples. In the world of video eCommerce, the option to log in to your favo...[Read More]

Advertising Industry Challenges and How Video Fits Into the Picture

At The Bar episode 20 featuring Rosie Baker the Editor of AdNews. Rosie talks about industry challenges like short-termism, overcoming noise in the advertising world and what the next big trends are in the advertising industry are. The post #AtTheBar Episode 20: Rosie Baker – Advertising Industry Challenges appeared first on Shootsta.

How To Measure The Performance of Online and Offline Media

At The Bar episode 19 featuring Rosie Baker the Editor of AdNews. This week, Rosie talks about how to measure the performance of online and offline media and the role of intuition in journalism. The post #AtTheBar Episode 19: Rosie Baker – Measuring Online & Offline Media appeared first on Shootsta.

How To Stay Relevant Today In Journalism and Publishing

Publishers today need to be innovative and agile to remain relevant in a fast moving digital society where video is now the type of content put first. The post #AtTheBar Episode 18: Rosie Baker – Staying Relevant In Journalism & Publishing appeared first on Shootsta.

How To Convert Facebook Traffic To Video Views on Your Website

  Whether you already own a Facebook page you want to monetize, or you want to increase traffic to existing video website, thousands of online blogs are already using the social media+website duo to either generate more traffic to their website or to monetize their large Facebook presence. But how do you increase your Facebook engagement so that more people click on your posts and generate tr...[Read More]

Why You Need A Video Portal On Your Website

  YouTube is a great place to make money doing what you love. Except that it’s too much work and little pay. We think you can do much better by having your own video website. 1. Increase Your Ad Revenues Having your video website will help you multiply your revenues. Instead of just earning money for video views, you will start earning money from both ads on your YouTube videos PLUS Google Ad...[Read More]

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