A Look at How Hospitals Are Using Video Marketing

5 ways hospitals and medical clinics can leverage video marketing.

A Look at How Hospitals Are Using Video Marketing

Most of the time here at 50Wheel we discuss video marketing in a broad sense as it applies across verticals and use cases. Rarely do we highlight or compare video strategy as it relates to specific verticals. So we’d thought we would give it a try. In this post we willl look at how hospitals and HMOs like Kaiser Permanente are leveraging video for dozens of uses in a medical context, where measured results can often make a patient’s’ experience and recovery easier and more effective. Here are 5 ways hospitals and medical clinics can use video marketing to improve their quality of care.

Humanizing The Brand
Visiting the doctor is intimidating for many patients, whether they’re going in for a check-up or facing major surgery. Video is a good way for patients and prospective patients to get familiar with their physician before their first visit, reducing anxiety. Video before the visit provides the patient with valuable information up front and creates a great first impression.

Facilities Overview and Tour
Hospitals tend to be enormous and confusing places due to their sheer size. A video tour and overview can help market the hospital and help patients and their families get a sense of the services and comfort they are about to experience.

Patient Education
Pre-surgery preparation or post-surgery care are perfect times to utilize video. It better explains what sometimes can be confusing with written instructions. This content can be delivered via email the day before the surgery and after, viewable from mobile and home television devices. Another good type of patient education are instructional videos posted to the hospital websites. These types of marketing videos help with SEO and provide good insight for prospective patients in the initial awareness phase.

Ongoing Safety Education
HIPPA and OSHA laws require U.S. hospitals to be an environment where safety instructions are absolutely crucial to the well-being of not just the patients, but also the medical staff. Health hazards and injury risks are ironically far too common in hospitals. But ensuring that every member of the staff is up to date on all safety protocols and procedures can be a difficult task.
Posting the video on the company intranet using a video hosting platform ensures that safety information is always accessible, and it can also incorporate interactive features such as quizzes, polls, and long-form questions to help you ensure that every staff member knows how to handle a dangerous situation.

Medical Video Portal
It’s important that doctors and nurses stay on top of the latest in medical technology, procedures, and medications. But it can also be difficult to ensure that they have the proper written material, and if a doctor wants to review the information, they’ll have to go to the library and dig out the proper documentation. Online video portals provide an optimal experience to centralize and organize all video content from video of procedure to lectures, viewable on any device or platform.

Those are some basic examples of how video marketing can help hospitals drive better branding and customer experiences. Stay tuned to more posts related to specific verticals like healthcare. You can also sign up and get insights like this delivered to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter.

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