9 Questions To Ask When Selecting Web Conferencing Software

9 Questions To Ask When Selecting Web Conferencing Software

If you’re currently evaluating different types of web conferencing and online meeting software, then you already know how this technology can bring high value collaboration to your communications. This article highlights the top 9 questions to consider when looking at web conferencing and web meeting software.

1. Is the web meeting software tool easy to use?

If you are planning on connect with a variety of people both business colleagues and/or friends for both work and non-work communication, then you really want to make sure that the meeting software you select is easy to join and intuitive for all users

2. Is the web meeting software within your budget?

Budget will vary depending on your use case. There are a number of free meeting tools if your main use case is personal. Free accounts do come with limitations such as restriction of meeting duration and current attendees, so consider that also when choosing between premium and free software.

3. Is the meeting software temporary or part of a long-term plan?

What are your goals and vision? Do you need this meeting software for a single meeting or will you be using it over and over again? Do you know what you want your workflow to look like in five years? Do you expect changes? Will your solution provider offer the flexibility for change? It’s important to invest in software that will scale as your needs grow.

4. Will the web meeting software meet your security requirements?

Naturally all web meetings should be secured and your meetings should too. A table stakes feature of all web meeting software is security. The software should be robust enough to keep out threats and including making sure no one drops in who shouldn’t be there.

5. Does the web meeting software come with accessible customer support?

Since web meetings are considered real-time communication and can be utilized around the clock, so readily available is the software to power those meetings. What should also be available is customer support and 24/7 access to that support.

6. Does the web meeting software integrate with other software your company uses?

If you are selecting this software for business use then it’s important to consider how your web meeting software will interact with other software technology tools in your stack. A modern meetings cloud solution should sync with your existing IT stack, helping to maximize related SaaS investments across a single, meetings platform.

7. If selecting for business, does the web software have the scale for enterprise?

Today’s web meeting platforms should provide centralized management capabilities for remote user support, measuring usage, and calculating ROI and be robust enough across all feature sets to serve organizations of all sizes.

8. Is the web meeting software compatible with your existing hardware?

If you are starting your search from scratch and don’t current have a web meeting software at your company tied to existing hardware like cameras, tablets etc, then you are in great shape. If you are planning to migrate from an existing solution, then there are a number of other considerations not covered in this article. To make things as simple as possible, find a web meeting solution that provides a simple click to join experience across multi-vendor hardware and room systems.

9. Will the web meeting software be easy for your colleagues or friends to adopt?

The web meeting software you select should match the way your organization works. The whole point of the web meeting software is to enhance productivity and provide a new service to collaborate, save time, and make lives easier. It should not do the opposite.

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