7 Internal Business Use Cases For Streaming Live Video

Ways to make an immediate impact with live streaming software.

7 Internal Business Use Cases For Streaming Live Video

More than any other communications tool, streaming live video has the power to convey messages faster and more effectively throughout your entire organization. For many top enterprise companies, the use of live video, in conjunction with on-demand video, has become a day-to-day, critical-business necessity for internal communication and collaboration, workforce development, efficiency, and cost reduction. Following are key examples of how enterprises are using live streaming video to communicate with internal audiences.

1) Executive Communications

Internal corporate communication is critical to disseminating information employees need to get things done, building relationships of trust and commitment, and maintaining corporate culture.
Live streaming of “all-hands meetings” enables top executives to engage in two- way communication with employees in an authentic human way while reaching every employee no matter where they’re located – at headquarters, on the road, or in remote locations around the globe.

2) Internal Meetings

Live video enables dispersed teams to collaborate and share information as if everyone was in the same room. It’s also a cost-effective way to share information between different teams about co-workers’ projects, leading to higher engagement and a better understanding of the “big picture.”

3) Employee Training

Expecting your workforce to gain expert knowledge on your products and services through written communication is old- school. Training through video, either through live streaming or on demand, allows you to impart large amounts of data quickly to hundreds or thousands of employees, and at a lower cost than if individuals needed to travel to attend in person. Live streaming training provides the added benefits of immediacy when critical information needs to be shared, as well as interactivity between instructors and participants.

4) Investor Relations

Investor relations teams are using live video to stream shareholder meetings, which enables more investors to participate and save money on travel. Videos are also being created as a companion to earnings reports to share results in a way that can interpret complex issues in a succinct form.

5) Franchise Communications

For franchised companies, live and on- demand video bridges the geographic gap between corporate staff and franchise owners around the world. Video communicates key business messages and complex information to geographically dispersed networks of franchise owners and field-based employees to ensure all franchisees implement programs and products consistently, maintaining the strong brand image and product quality.

6) Sales Enablement

Using live and on-demand video to provide field sales teams with immediate access to business intelligence when and how they need it, allows enterprises to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and capture lost revenue.

7) Human Resources

HR teams are using live video to attract and reduce the time it takes to recruit globally dispersed candidates. Once hired, live and on-demand video enables enterprises to reduce new employee on- boarding time, and enables employees to quickly gain perspective on company culture. Video also enables HR teams to share information about benefits and compliance issues more quickly and efficiently across the entire enterprise.

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