5 Ways To Kick Off Your Video Marketing Strategy

Sometimes its as simple as just getting started.

5 Ways To Kick Off Your Video Marketing Strategy

By the end of 2017 nearly 80% of the buyer’s journey will be driven primarily through digital content such as video, according to Forrester Research. So why haven’t more companies embraced video in their marketing efforts? The simple answer is fear and lack of strategy. The fear comes from a long list of misconceptions… It’s too expensive. It’s too complicated. It will take too much time. The quality will be poor. It won’t produce results.

The truth is, today’s video marketing tools and techniques are easier, more affordable and more effective than they have ever been. Therefore there is no excuse for not getting started. Follow these 5 simple steps to conquer your fears and kick off your video marketing strategy today.

Way 1. Set Goals and Key Performance Indicators
Before you do anything, stop for a second and write down your goals. Why are you creating the video? Do you want to drive leads, share knowledge, make a sale, or conduct training? Your online video should align and drive your business goals.

Way 2. Define the Experience
Based on your defined goals in step 1, you will then need to decide where the video content will live. Will video be centralized on a microsite, landing page, or video gallery? What existing marketing campaigns and channels will benefit from video?

Utilize content management (CMS) tools that simplify publishing video into a SEO-optimized video gallery on your domain. Create a homebase for your content, giving each video it’s own unique URL, making it easy to share video pretty much anywhere, especially channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To understand if the content is working, connect analytics and marketing automation to your video marketing platform. The combination of these technologies will give you the ability to know who is watching your videos and for how long.

Way 3. Craft a Video Content Strategy
Align your video content strategy to the priorities of your overall business. While video will usually take up a large portion of your marketing budget, video will deliver significant benefits across many company functions and departments. Some examples include: demand generation, sales, product marketing, support, internal communication, and training.

Way 4. Shoot the Video
There are a number of ways to get started shooting your video. Based on your goals and budget you’ll need to determine which tools are best for your project. Today there are powerful apps that allow you to shoot and edit videos on mobile devices. So really there are no excuses for not getting started. Use your computer, a video camera and editing software, or you can hire a video production company.

Way 5. Just do it
Just start, or as Nike would say: “Just do it!” Break out that iPhone and start filming — if you have the budget use professional equipment. Recognize video production ROI immediately when using mobile video tools.
Interview product managers about the latest product release, interview customers that just signed on with your company. Shoot, edit, and then play it back to see if it clearly conveys your message, has a strong call to action, and aligns with your business goals.

How does that feel? Now get out there and start integrating video into your strategy today.
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