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5 Ways To Fire Up Your Product Demo Video

5 Ways To Fire Up Your Product Demo Video

Product demos are a great way to boost product or service sales. But rather than set up a booth in public places to show and demonstrate what your product can do, why not create a video for it instead?

Product demo videos are very useful for reaching out to a wider audience, wherever they are in the world. An interactive demonstration makes it easier to attract potential customers, explain your product’s features and benefits, and provide information that could be useful to viewers.

Whether you are using a free online video editor or hiring a professional production team, here are surefire ways to bring your product demo video to a whole new level of awesomeness.

1. Focus on providing a solution

Instead of mentioning complicated terms to list down the specifics of a product, show what those can do for the customer. Instead of talking about high mAh value, wide aperture, and large RAM, tell the customer that your mobile phone has a long battery life, creates beautiful images even in darker indoor shoots, and large storage space for photos, videos, and more. 

2. Add an awesome background

Don’t settle for whatever is in the background while you shoot a product demo video. The background should complement the entire setup. If it is difficult to create a setup with a good background, use a chroma key or green screen and add an appropriate background during video editing.

3. Add appropriate music that people won’t mind hearing over and over again

Most product demo videos need background music to captivate the audience and help build excitement. But you have to choose wisely. Some songs are only fun to hear the first time around. But when it keeps playing over and over in a loop, it can be annoying. Choosing songs that trend is quite risky, too. When the song is no longer interesting, your video won’t be either. Instead, choose an instrumental or song that has minimal or subtle lyrics. This way, it won’t distract your audience from what really matters—your product.

4. Make it short, sweet, and straightforward

Stories are great but not in product demo videos. The human attention span is short. Creating a long product video might bore your customer. Instead, keep it short but meaningful. Start with a pain point, introduce your product, mention the benefits, and encourage the viewer to try it out or purchase it. Remove any fluff and avoid beating around the bush.

5. Call to action

Don’t just talk about your product and its benefits, encourage your audience to buy, order, subscribe, or sign up. But make sure that it is a nudge, not an order. Ending your video with an invitation to make the viewers feel like they have an option to think about it. Forcing them to buy may turn them off. For example, if you are selling cookware, instead of saying “Buy this set now!”, say “Be one of the first to try our new kitchen set.”

Get ready to close the deal

A product demo video may be one of the best sales tools you could ever have. Apply one or all of these tips and you’ll be one step closer to closing a deal and boosting your sales. Just focus on educating your viewers about your product and offer to resolve their problems or paint points. The profits will eventually follow.

Gladys is a writer and self-taught visual artist who loves to make mini Clipchamp videos, share her thoughts, sing her heart out (alone), and eat cake. All while handling four silly little girls who make her heart full.