5 Ways To Add Video To Your Existing Marketing Strategy

Easy ways to get started incorporating video in your marketing efforts today.

5 Ways To Add Video To Your Existing Marketing Strategy

Adding video to your existing marketing efforts can seem like a daunting task. Especially when you consider the different components that are needed to be successful such as content development, production, video technology, and measurement. This article won’t help you with production and content development (read our article on how to get started with creating video content), it focuses on implementation and measurement techniques once your video content is final and ready to be shared with viewers.

1 – Add video to your website and landing pages

The best way to get started is to add video to your website and landing pages where relevant. Web pages that video works great on are home, product, blog articles and support pages. When people come to your web pages, engaging them with video will increase their time onsite and the chances that they will convert to a sales contact by filling out a web form or purchasing a product. Video is the marketer’s secret weapon for improving conversion rates. In fact web pages with video convert 2 to 5 times as much as pages without video.

2 – Create a centralized location for all video content on your website

Anchor your video marketing with a true home for all your video content. The best way to do that is to create a video portal on your website. Having a single location where all video content lives helps SEO and makes it easy for employees and customers to find and share videos easily.

3 – Publish video content to social media

Video and social media go hand-and-hand and social is a great way to amplify your brand. Consider creating video content specifically for social and design it to entice viewers to leave YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and come back to your website were they can engage deeper with your brand.

4 – Include video in email messaging and nurtures

One of the most overlooked benefits of online video is its ability to increase conversion rates and click-throughs. By including video to your email campaigns you can immediately increase performance. Consider creating engaging video thumbnails and replacing static images and in text in your emails with video.

5 – Monitor and track video performance

In the early days of online video success was measured by the number of views a specific video or group of videos would receive. Today a lot has changed, it’s no longer about video plays, now completion rates, conversion and identity tracking are key to determining a video’s success. The most experienced video marketers are attributing video viewership to revenue and making the case for its strong impact on business.

In as easy as 5 steps you can integrate video into your existing marketing efforts and see real results right away. Implementing video at your organization doesn’t always have to mean creating new content, try using existing videos first and prove ROI before making the case for new video.

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