5 Video Marketing Statistics 2015

Actionable video marketing stats and strategy advice you can apply today!

It’s that time of year again! Let’s check in and see where video marketing stands and what the current stats are. As you probably already know, online video has exploded as the hottest form of interactive content. Marketers are integrating video into existing business processes now more than ever. Conversion rates are going up, engagement has increased, but more importantly, with video, marketers now have more intelligence than ever on how buyers are engaging with brands and which life cycle stage they are at in the buying process.

Here are 5 stats to consider:

1. 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video

video-traffic-online-videoIt is absolutely crucial for content marketers to start creating and incorporating online video into their strategies. To be clear, we are not talking about YouTube video — controlled, branded video content that lives on your website or corporate domain. (Examples are: landing pages, email, video galleries, private video.) Since the SEO race is ever changing, its more important than ever to stay on top of what Google and other engines consider highly weighted content, and right now that is video.

Also something to be considered by not confused with branded and controlled video, is what we call YouTube video. There’s a big difference — YouTube videos live on YouTube and are designed specifically for driving traffic back to your website via annotation or call-to-action. Where, branded video is hosted on a premium video provider and lives on your website domain. To learn more about both branded video content and YouTube strategies, please follow 50Wheel as we discuss these topics regularly here. You can also join our mailing list to get monthly updates on the hottest video marketing trends related to video SEO.

2. 52% of Marketing Professionals Worldwide Claim Video as The Content With The Best ROI

videomarketing-has-best-roiNow that video is being used in content marketing and branding campaigns, the results are in and performance is better than any other content type. Just as other mediums like print and radio have faded into the background as primitive content channels, so has static web content. The days of white papers, blog posts, and case studies driving actionable results have tapered off.

We have entered the “Education Marketing Revolution,” no longer is marketing about attracting new buyers via campaign, its now about attracting, educating, and educating further until the buyer is comfortable enough to purchase or the existing customers are trained and supported through contract renewal. The best form of content for education is video and the ROI speaks for itself.

3. Using the Word “Video” In Email Subject Lines Boosts Open Rates by 19%, CTR Rates by 65%, and Reduces Unsubscribes by 26%.

video-in-email-boosts-salesVideo and email have been friends for some time, perhaps that relationship was the starting point of video marketing. Since our attention spans have decreased dramatically and our tolerance for time wasting content has become short, marketers are desperately looking for any means to get us to open our emails. The word “video” can mean a number of things to different people depending on who you ask — but for most its a trigger word.

Trigger words are always a great use to get people’s attention and an email subject line is the best place to apply these practices. We have all heard or seen “click bate,” (when the title of a post or email is misleading). We click through out of curiosity to find out that the content provided is not relevant, so we bounce or unsubscribe.

Video in email changes this — put the word “video” in your email subject line and include a brilliant video thumbnail in your email template that links to meaningful content and you now have delivered valuable content with the results to show it.

4. 33% of Tablet Owners Watch One Hour of Video Per Day on Their Device

tablet-video-viewsAlthough the tablet rush has tapered off, everyone is using them. According to market data, Apple dominates this market with their iPad product. If you have ever used an iPad you will know that watching video on the device is a very pleasant experience. Whether it is the ease of use (perfect for mobile video browsing, or home lounging) or the quality of the video presentation and screen resolution, tablet owners are drawn to spend about an hour a day watching videos on their devices.

5. 65% of Video Viewers Watch More Than 3/4 of a Video

video-viewers-watch-mostI’m not sure if it is a combination of video editing tools improving and detailed video engagement analytics being more accessible, but marketers are figuring it out. Completion rates are up, that means more viewers are completing videos. Long gone are the days of 5 or 10 minute videos, shorter content is where its at. Much more can be accomplished in a 60 second video and viewers retain specific information.

Good job marketers! You are paying attention to your viewers and creating valuable, engaging video content. Remember, your engagement analytics tell all, listen to your viewers and adjust the content accordingly and you will be successful.

To learn more about how stats like those above can be applied to your video marketing strategy, contact us for a free video strategy session.

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