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5 Use-Cases CONTUS VPlayed’s Live video Streaming is Leveraged For!

5 Use-Cases CONTUS VPlayed’s Live video Streaming is Leveraged For!

Interacting live is the best way of connecting with the audience for influencers and brands. With the evolution of live streaming, the audience can enjoy being ‘in the moment’ and it is more appealing than a simple buffering video.

According to research, the market of live streaming is projected to grow up to USD 247,275 million by 2027 with a significant growth rate of 28.1%. It shows how much live streaming is appealing to the global audience. In line with this trend, CONTUS VPlayed is leveraging five use-cases of live video streaming that enhance the experience for both the live streamers and the audience.

Why Should You Consider CONTUS VPlayed’s Live Streaming Solution?

We have enhanced the process of going live to be a no-buffer streaming process. It helps to go instantly live from any device to various online platforms no matter how large the audience base is. With additional features like scheduling, creating a buzz in the social media forums, and the flexibility of streaming it live on other platforms are a few of the reasons why one must consider our live streaming solution.

How Live Streaming with CONTUS VPlayed Benefits You?

CONTUS VPlayed is the right solution to deliver live-streaming through a secured platform in a buffer-free manner. It allows 100% customization and offers great scope for monetizing for higher revenue opportunities. The major features and their benefits are given below.

(i) Live Linear
No matter how long your streams are, the live linear streaming method ensures the content reaches the viewers ‘passively’ with less effort and keeps them connected 24*7.

(ii) Live Countdown
Buzz building in the social media platforms creates anticipation among the viewers or potential subscribers that expands the overall viewership. Set up an interactive live countdown to keep the viewers engaged right from the beginning.

(iii) Live to VOD
The live video along with the comments are autosaved on your platform, making it discoverable by the viewers. This feature enables the viewers to have a semblance of real-time viewing of the videos.

(iv) Simulcasting
The simulcasting feature allows the user to live stream the same content across various social media platforms, simultaneously, irrespective of the device used for the streaming.

(v) Live Polls
Conduct live polls while the video is streamed live; at the same time, get instant feedback from the viewers. There are poll templates available which are usable as it is or can be customized as per requirements.

(vi) Live Clipping for Social
The live clipping feature helps create social media clips from the ongoing live video right away and use it as an independent video on other social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

(vii) Live Q&A
To increase the engagement rate of the ongoing live streaming, add in the live Q&A session which naturally upgrades the quality and value of the videos. This could also be beneficial in collecting opinions from the audience.

(viii) Audience Chat
Enable your audience to have a chat with the host while the live streaming is on. This is a definite way of increasing audience interaction and engagement.

(ix) Webcast to Mobile Devices
In order to increase viewership, webcast to mobile devices allows the delivery of the live content to be cast on multiple platforms such as mobile devices, whether it is iOS, Android, or Tablets.

Use Cases CONTUS VPlayed’s Live Streaming Is Leveraged For

CONTUS VPlayed is the preferred solution for many organizations, content creators, and business owners to build their platform. The major use cases our live streaming solution is leveraged for are as follows.

For entertainment content, broadcasters have the flexibility to upload or import a bulk number of videos on their platform. One can easily schedule and categorize the videos to help reach more people. The audience will be able to filter the videos as per their needs and find the content easily.

Our streaming solution comprises a marketing suite rich in SEO marketing tools with a dashboard of insightful analytics with piracy protection. Not only does it allow the users to manage and distribute the content and stream it across various platforms but also provides multiple monetization models such as subscription, advertising, and transaction VODs, to get the utmost benefits. This self-hosted platform also has an in-built fast playback player for seamless streaming across various devices.

Education & E-learning
For live streaming for educational purposes, you are provided with an interactive and more effective platform. The ‘lecture capture’ feature seamlessly records and autosaves the videos in a secured and easily searchable video library. With the scheduling feature, one can send alerts to the students using push notifications.

It allows sharing various learning materials with the students for better interactive sessions. One-to-one tutoring allows a more integrated, tailored, and personalized learning to have a better impact on the students.

Live streaming sports events allows socializing among the viewers with fast streaming videos on multiple devices and platforms. This multifaceted sports streaming platform is suitable for live streaming websites to create branding strategies and monetize through advertising.

The flexibility of broadcasting on mobile devices as high-quality videos attracts a wider audience base. With proper backup streams and fully customizable options for the websites, you’ll be provided with an unparalleled sports streaming platform having insightfully designed marketing solutions.

CONTUS VPlayed is a one-stop integrated solution for various kinds of fitness streaming from live classes to personalized one-to-one sessions. With a fully customizable option of displaying your logo on the streaming videos to auto-saving videos to be on-demand for future uses, there are various features to expand the viewership of fitness streaming.

The powerful player enables casting on the TV, allows subtitles to break the barrier of linguistics, and facilitates promotion on social media platforms. An effective as well as interactive fitness platform for live classes, personal training, scheduled classes, groups classes, and fitness courses is all yours.

Religious Services
Make your religious streaming services available on various devices with buffer-free streaming on different bandwidths of 3G,4G, etc. Allowing the worshippers to chat with the religious heads or the pastors and request specific prayers through private messaging is one big advantage. The streaming videos are automatically saved and archived. It also allows extracting audio into audio in MP3, AAC, or WMA formats and streaming separately.

CONTUS VPlayed’s live streaming is a reliable solution for both live interactions and buffer-free streaming for the global audience in various genres. With the assurance of content security against infringement, it can be tailor-made for individual influencers, broadcasters, and organizations to have their content available live or later as on-demand videos. It allows the viewers to have a high-quality viewing experience while the broadcasters can monetize it as per the business requirements.

Explore More: https://www.vplayed.com/live-streaming-solution.php

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