5 Types of Customer Generated Content In Video Marketing

5 Types of Customer Generated Content In Video Marketing

User-generated content (UGC) is content on the internet that brand customers or users contribute to its making. The internet is filled with UGCs, and it mainly consists of videos, posts, and photos. In reality, UGC can be any content that the brand did not make by themselves, even though they can leverage it to rank better or for more visibility. 

Video content is on the rise now as more customers and internet users are willing to devote their time to this type of content. Facebook videos and YouTube content are some of the most consumed content as people spend hours every day watching these videos. 

Businesses that want to be popular among their customers are now moving towards video marketing. The popularity and effectiveness of user-generated content mean that a combination of both is bound to be an effective content marketing strategy. 

User-generated content is effective for businesses because people trust the recommendation that other people (customers) make more than the brands themselves. So, using user-generated content is an excellent way to build your brand’s credibility and trust while increasing your outreach at the same time. 

In this article will be discussed five types of user-generated content in video marketing.

Brand storytelling

This type of content allows you to show the human part of your brand by telling your brand’s story. You can do this by curating content from your employees and crafting it into a brand story. When customers see the happiness and energy of the employees working behind the scenes, it will convey a positive message to the customers and increase the company’s integrity. 

You can also tell your brand story by curating video content from your customers about their experience using your product or service. For instance, a cat-food company can invite customers to send in footage of their pets on the brand’s product. This type of content increases the sense of community customers have with the brand and convinces other potential customers who resonate with the videos. As more customers make videos, it gets viral and increases your exposure, visibility, and potential customer base. 

Solicited products reviews

According to research on the college paper help platform, you can boost your conversions by 74% when adding customer reviews to your product page. This should not be a surprise to you, though. If you are using paid adverts to bring cold traffic to your site, they will be unfamiliar with the brand or what you offer and may find it difficult to trust you. 

You will need social proof to convince these visitors that your sales claims are valid. Text reviews are effective, but it is easy to fake them. However, video reviews are harder to fake, so it has a higher level of credibility which makes your brand more convincing to the prospect. 

You can get traffic to your website product page, but you need something substantial to convince them, and that’s what you have with video reviews. When website visitors see other people like them testifying to your product or service, it builds their trust for your brand, and it’s easier for them to patronize you. 

Independent product reviews

Independent product reviews will grow and accumulate with the growth of your brand. You can go through YouTube and scan for positive reviews, which you can share on your social media channels. This is another way to build trust with your prospective clients. It is also a way to improve your brand loyalty with your customers and the reviewer. 

You inevitably will get negative reviews too. You don’t have to lose your cool when you find them. Respond to it as politely as you can and do everything you can to help the reviewer correct their criticism and improve their underwhelming experience. 

When you take your time to go past the expectation and correct the wrongs, it becomes easier for you to convince dissatisfied customers and make them brand advocates. You will find that customers will be willing to change their reviews into positive ones. 


Social media contests are very effective for marketing your business. You can ask customers to submit their entries into your contest as social media videos. This will help you build a strong community for your business. Create a hashtag for this contest and encourage people to add the hashtag to their videos to increase engagement on your video contest. 

If you are a brand that usually gets significant engagement on your social media posts, you should be ready to get three times more. You can make your content more effective by adding an incentive or offering an opportunity to win a prize. As a result, you will have people creating some of the best video content related to your brand. 

Viral job application 

You may not have thought that social media marketing and recruitment will coincide, but there is nothing impossible on social media. 

You can ask your job applicants to post their video job applications on social media. This gives your business more exposure and paints your organization positively. In addition, if you get lots of applications on it, other people will see your company as an excellent place to work, which will yield more applications. 

This is a strategy that works best for a company that has emotive values. However, some jobs have a higher potential to go viral than others. Also, not all types of posts can be opened for social media applications.


UGCs are an effective way to increase the awareness and visibility of your business. It also helps to solidify your brand’s image to give you a competitive edge. Combining UGC with video marketing as part of your content strategy will help you grow faster and drive more engagement from your online audience. This article discusses some of the best ways you can use user-generated content in video marketing. 

Leon Collier is a blogger and academic writer from the UK who works with a professional essay writing service providing assignment help online. He likes trying new subjects and is always focused on proving his worth in new and challenging writing areas. His hobbies are reading books and playing tabletop games with his friends. You can reach him via Twitter @LeonColier12.

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