16 Video Content Ideas For Businesses Building A Strategy

A list of the best ideas and themes you can use for your business.

16 Video Content Ideas For Businesses Building A Strategy

1 – Product Videos
One of the best types of videos you can create if you sell products or services are product videos. Product videos are a great way to use video to describe each product that you want to promote. Simple ideas would be to display the product and talk about it’s details, etc. If its software, a simple screen recording with voiceover will work. Remember to highlight the business benefits.

2 – Customer Testimonial Videos
There is nothing more powerful than a happy customer endorsing your brand via video. If you have happy customers these types of videos should be easy to shoot and don’t require a ton of preparation and scripting. Shoot a basic video centered around 4 interview questions that cover important challenges solved and business benefits.

3 – Personal Video Emails
Becoming more popular is the use of video in outbound sales prospecting emails. Instead of typing out your message, record it in video format and drop an engaging thumbnail into your emails that links to the video. You’ll see increased open rates, click-throughs, and if you can measure it, video engagement.

4 – Share News
Piggyback on related industry news. Choose a topic that you can add value to or your product or service enhances or solves a major problem and talk about it. This type of video content is great for positioning in your blog or on social.

5 – Question & Answers
Q&A is probably one of the best video types for a number of reasons. 1) It helps answer questions that a buyer may have early in the sales process. 2) The SEO benefits from video that answers specific questions is through the roof! Document the most common questions you get asked every day and record video(s) that answers those questions.

6 – Micro Documentary
One of the best ways to tell your organization’s story and mission is to create a micro-documentary. No matter what your niche or product is, people are curious about what you do in a day for your business. Why not document it, speed it up, and put it to music? This will help you build trust and comfortability with your market and buyers.

7 – Thank You Note
Is there someone you want to thank? Your customers, partners, employees? Record a thank you video to show your gratitude. These types of videos are perfect for the holiday season or rounding out the end of a successful year.

8 – Tips and Tricks Video
This video is very similar to the questions and answers video. Recording tips and tricks is great for generating awareness about a specific topic related to your business. Tips and tricks videos are also great for SEO.

9 – Instructional Videos
Supplement a customer onboarding program or support site with instructional videos. These can be “how-to” videos or video courses that are tied to certification check points like quizzes and exams. Instructional videos are also good for training employees and partners within a secure environment like an intranet or employee portal.

10 – Product Release Teasers
As you go to release new products and services, think about creating product teaser videos that highlight your products and services. Give buyers a glimpse into your offering, the benefits, the ROI and when the offering will be available to your customers. If these videos are going to live on your website supporting product pages, then consider producing them in the highest quality possible.

11 – Interview Videos
Interview videos are the easiest videos to create and in most cases can be shot from a mobile device. See our list of 7 mobile app for recording business video. You can record interviews at your office, trade show, customer office, all done on the fly. Have your sales or account teams interview customers after onsite meetings. Schedule thought leaders and customers to come by your booth at your next conference and hop in front of the camera.

12 – Personalized Videos
Create a personalized video campaign that delivers a relevant video to each of your prospects and contains their name or logo in the video itself. These types of campaigns are more sophisticated to configure, but there are solutions out there that make it really easy to pull off.

13 – Comedy Video
People love humor, especially when it’s incorporated to day-to-day business. Some of the most viral videos in the history of video marketing have been “funny videos.” Think about how you can create a funny video that engages your audience. Be careful, what you think is funny might not apply to others.

14 – Music Video
Music videos are another type that have historically driven vitality. Lip sync to part of your favorite song. Have a mini dance-party. Have your employees do something silly with music in the background. The ideas are endless.

15 – Contest Video
Create a short video that lets your audience take part in a contest with a prize for the winner. The video by itself won’t be enough, you need to think through the entire experience, including the landing page the video lives on and how your audience can submit their entry for the contest.

16 – Common Mistakes/Misconceptions
Debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding your industry vertical, the problems that your product or services solve. These types of videos are great for clearing the air of general misconceptions and things that competitors may be using against your company in the sales process.

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