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15 Reasons to Consider CONTUS MirrorFly To Build Communication Apps

15 Reasons to Consider CONTUS MirrorFly To Build Communication Apps

What is CONTUS MirrorFly?
CONTUS MirrorFly is a self-hosted communication APIs & SDKs provider. It is a white label chat solution used to build a messaging app for web, android and iOS. With CONTUS MirrorFly, enterprises can use chat APIs & SDKs to build interactive chat, voice and video calling solutions for web and mobile applications.

15 Reasons: Why do Enterprises Choose CONTUS MirrorFly?
CONTUS MirrorFly is one of the best tools to integrate messaging functionality and build high-power communication apps. It offers 100% customization, interactive UI/UX designs, 300+ technical teams, scalability, cloud / on premises hosting options and so much more!

Here Are The 15 Reasons That Define CONTUS MirrorFly As The Ultimate Tool To Build A High-Power Communication Apps:

1. Fully Customizable Communication Solution

CONTUS MirrorFly offers endless customization opportunities with upgradable features and advanced functionalities to develop the best communication experience. It provides custom communication solutions that allow enterprises to build powerful applications with bespoke user interfaces. This further gives access to high-quality video and audio calling to enhance user experience.

2. Host On-Premise or On Cloud

There are diverse hosting options with CONTUS MirrorFly’s enterprise communication APIs & SDKs. From a dedicated hosting server to an on-premise infrastructure – enterprises have the freedom to develop a real-time chat application as per their needs and requirements. They can then choose a self-hosted solution, which can be deployed in a private cloud or the on-premise infrastructure of the business.

3. High Scalability & Performance

With feature-rich chat APIs and SDKs – CONTUS MirrorFly can leverage a huge volume of chat / user capacity or expand in response to an increased demand for database access, networking, processing or other system resources. The platform is a communication system that provides diverse interactive mediums such as video and voice calling, video conferencing, VoIP & SIP calling, etc. These functions can be added or upgraded according to the scalability of the business.

4. One Time License Cost

Subscription based APIs and SDKs can be an expensive affair especially for a growing business. So, what makes CONTUS MirrorFly the best real-time messaging solution is the option of paying one-time license cost and getting complete access to the entire chat application. With the advantage of one-time license cost, enterprises can enjoy the liberty of customization, features upgrade and experience unlimited user base, minutes and much more.

5. 300+ Technical Architects

At CONTUS MirrorFly there are over 300+ technical architects to help enterprises with product development and to build instant messaging apps for websites and devices. These teams work in the interest of the enterprise with the in-house developers to build high-end real-time communication infrastructures. The technical architects offer assistance on designing, development, deployment and launch support.

6. Real- Time Communication Infrastructure

The very purpose of using a chat API or SDK and building a chat application is to have real-time communication. Enterprises focus on real-time communication with their visitors / users to have a clear channel of communication, increase live interaction, productivity and attain better return-on-investment. With CONTUS MirrorFly, enterprises can make sure that real-time communication is the core of their chat application.

Here are some of the highlighted messaging features:

  • · One to One & Group Messaging
  • In-app Chat
  • Notifications
  • Screens Sharing
  • Secure File Transfer
  • High Quality Video Chat

High-quality video chats offered is a great way to promote collaboration. Video chat applications built with CONTUS MirrorFly are cost-effective and boost productivity. The supreme quality allows enterprises to also save on travel expenses as they do not need to travel for a face-to-face communication.

Here are some of the highlighted video calling features:

  • Group Video Calling
  • Live Interactive Video Broadcasting
  • Sharing Videos with Multiple Users
  • Video Recording

8. Enhanced & Clear Voice Chat

Having an enhanced communication experience with clarity is the key feature of CONTUS MirrorFly. Enterprises can be confident about a clear connection and increase trust and transparency with the users. Also, communication on voice chat applications are smooth and seamless.

Here are some of the highlighted voice calling features:

  • Efficient Call Queue
  • Call Recording
  • SIP & VoIP Call
  • Conference Calling
  • Push to Talk

9. Fully-Compliant Security Standards

CONTUS MirrorFly understands it is necessary to remain compliant with HIPAA regulations, AES 256, OMEMO and to have end to end encryption. HIPAA encryption and AES 256 are an important means of protecting sensitive data, while OMEMO offers a multi-end encryption scheme on XMPP servers. On the other hand, end-to-end encryption creates a secure channel for communication that prevents third-parties from accessing data while being transferred.

10. SIP & VoIP Calling

CONTUS MirrorFly offers a self-hosted SIP and VoIP calling that makes communication reliable and effective. With VoIP/SIP trunking systems enterprises can make unlimited concurrent calls; receive and make unlimited calls to PBX systems or the contact center and always have the choice to scale communication. Integrating the SIP calling system across CRM platforms also streamlines business communication as enterprises can make unlimited international calls with customers directly from the application.

11. Reliable & Tested

CONTUS MirrorFly understands that to create a reliable and tested API and SDK solution it is essential to be well deployed, considerately managed and coherently monitored. They ensures that the reliability of the API & SDK infrastructure is the first priority over and above every other variable. Hence, CONTUS MirrorFly makes sure that the APIs & SDKs are monitored, tested and offer secure solutions.

12. Sector Specific Setup

CONTUS MirrorFly lets enterprises communicate on various levels. From 1 million concurrent to 40+ use cases, from online community to selected group chat and private one-on-one conversations. This type of high-grade chat possibilities makes the platform ideal for every type of sector or business.

Here are some of the key sectors that benefit through drive high grade chat possibilities:

  • Hospitals & Medical Sectors
  • Social & Communicates
  • Banking & Finance Sectors
  • Ecommerce & Marketplace

13. Multi-Device Support

CONTUS MirrorFly offers a real-time interactive platform that supports multiple devices. The multi-device support creates an approachable channel of communication and increases customer experience. It also does not restrict communication to users because of the devices they are using and severs a larger audience in return.

14. Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture defines the structures, operations and goals of the organisation. Similarly, CONTUS MirrorFly aligns these structures, operations and ensures that communication goals are accomplished through a defined underlying architecture based on XMPP protocol. Moreover, with top-notch technology, secured encrypted traffic and features such as load balancer and clustering enterprise level architecture is maintained.

15. White-label Messaging Solution

CONTUS MirrorFly is a white-labelled chat solution that offers a complete native messaging framework. This makes the platform perfect for start-ups as well as enterprise-level businesses. Developers have the option of branding and customizing their chat application. The embedded advanced features run across platforms such as Android, iOS and Web.

Bottom Line

CONTUS MirrorFly is used by a huge list of successful enterprises such as ICICI Bank, True ID, Travel Square, Cell Card, Etisalat and many others. Want to know more about CONTUS MirrorFly? Speak to an expert today!
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