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Tubular Labs is a video intelligence platform that provides content insights that empower video teams to refine their content and distribution strategies. Tubular's Audience Dashboard and Tubular Intelligence together create the first easy, instant, and actionable video marketing platform for brands, media companies and multi-channel networks.

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  • Free insights for any YouTube channel
  • Monitor competitive brands and YouTube channels and compare and contrast insights
  • Discover fans and influencers that could be valuable for driving business and branding
  • Audience data to better understand what videos are trending and how viewers are engaging
  • Monitor peak viewership times and optimize publishing for a specific time of day
  • Track and respond to what influencers are saying about¬†content and doing on the YouTube channel
  • Easily export a list of channels and videos for media targeting



Over 2,500 publishers including Seventeen Magazine, Jamie Oliver, Vice, AwesomenessTV and Maker Studios.


Tubular’s YouTube Dashboard is offered for free of charge but is limited to YouTube creators with over 5,000 plus subscribers. Contact the vendor for me details.

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